Toshiba Machine at IPF 2017

Advancing automation for plastics injection moulding

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What better place to introduce new technology than on your own stomping ground? Accommodating 778 exhibitors across 54,000 square metres of floor space, this year’s International Plastics Fair (IPF) in Japan moulded a new vision for the future of materials processing in the industry.

Focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Toshiba Machine introduced its newest intelligent system, injection moulding machine and the latest V70 controller — and you can find it all on our YouTube channel.

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find details on Toshiba Machine’s success at IPF and the lowdown on the machinery. This includes the new injection moulding machine, showcased as part of Toshiba’s ‘smart factory of the future’ demonstration. The machine is an unattended manufacturing system with remote monitoring and a ceiling mounted vertically articulated robot.

Now IPF’s been wrapped up, it’s time to turn our axis’ to next week’s International Robot Exhibition (IREX). Preparations are underway to demonstrate Toshiba Machine’s newest technology and robotics — which will be exhibited at booth number IR1-27 in east hall one.

In our next newsletter, we’ll give you a full update of what Toshiba Machine unveil at IREX. As always, get in touch for more information, we’ll do all we can to help!

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Showcasing the smart moulding system

At IPF, Toshiba Machine showcased its smart manufacturing system by demonstrating the production of a headlight reflector.

Starting with the TVM1200, part of the 6-axis vertically articulated robot series, combined with the latest controller, demonstrated the unattended manufacturing system in action.

The robot demonstrated the loading and unloading of Toshiba Machine’s high precision machine tool, the UVM-450C.

Highlighting that the larger, stronger TVM series can be integrated with the larger Toshiba Machine machine tool and injection molding machines with heavier payloads, when compared to the existing robot ranges.

More information on the TVM1200 — and the rest of the 6-axis robots in this series — can be found on the TM Robotics website.



From pick-and-place to end of line packaging

Following on from the TVM1200, Toshiba Machine demonstrated the final steps of production for the headlight reflector — using another vertically articulated 6-axis robot to unload the product from the EC130SXIII injection molding machine, right through to using the THL1000 SCARA robot to demonstrate easy end-of-line packaging.

Every manufacturing line is different, but we have the expertise to explain how each Toshiba Machine robot can be used collaboratively to automate production in almost any industry.

If you’ve got questions, we’re happy to help.